Free Shuttle provided by Smackwater Jack's Taphouse

Transportation – FREE SHUTTLE

There will be 2 Smackwater Jack’s Shuttles from 4:15 and 6:00pm.
Shuttles will pick up guests from their location in the Grand Bend area including Exeter, Bayfield, Zurich as necessary.

SmackulanceSmackwater Jack’s Shuttles

Return transportation will end at midnight.

Guests should book in advance at:

Calling: Smackwater Jack’s at (519) 238-5556.

Please try to minimize pickup locations where possible.

Pickups will be between 4:15 and 6PM and 2 shuttles will be available.
A shuttle will be available at the Huron Country Playhouse for drop off between 10PM and Midnight as needed.

Service ends at Midnight but taxis are available at guest’s cost.